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Anaïs Mitchell - Hadestown

Of all the albums I consider not getting enough praise in musical world Hadestown has to be really high up on the list. As one of my favorite albums from the past decade it seems to create an amazing, engaging story whilst making sure that listeners are going to enjoy the sound presented to them, which is not an easy task considering the sheer amount of people working on this record (Around 30!). Creating a work this cohesive with limitless possibilities of conflicts between the artists deserves lots of praise.

Album presents a modernized version of myth about story of Orpheus and Eurydice, in it he underworld is presented as industrial empire ruled with iron fist by Hades. People are brainwashed into adoring their king and follow his every order without and thought, endlessly working in the mines. LP kicks off with a song emphasizing sweet and unconditional love between the two lovers, it definitely feels like the center point of album. Even though they both live in world troubled b…

Candy Claws - Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time

Long ago in the deep time Ceres and Calypso were traversing through barren wasteland of a planet built of a singular land mass, surrounded by waters. At first it seems like imagined, fantasy world with two heroines but Candy Claws decided to surprise their listeners and present us with a story of a Seal and a Girl set in Mesozoic era, traveling and experiencing beauties of Earth from millions of years ago. I find the concept of this LP intriguing, captivating and, most importantly, tremendously original. 
Album kicks off with one of the denser songs, giving listener a taste of what is about to come and also giving a hint of what the presented world actually can be. Heavy, distorted sound carries all through the record, as usual for pieces of music related to dream pop genre. The melodies can be overwhelming at times, making it difficult to figure out what exact instruments are playing or even what are the vocalists trying to present. This can put off people who enjoy their lyrics but…