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Avantdale Bowling Club - Self Titled

Avantdale Bowling Club is a New Zealand based jazz hip-hop music group that has released their debut album last year and with that record have shown a lot of skill, musicianship and joined the group of artists that I am going to eagerly support and praise. This album came out without me hearing about any of the bands members before but they hit a certain niche of jazz infused rap that I absolutely love, Tom Scott's dense and emotional lyrics speak to me on many levels and I appreciate how personal it gets.

The record kicks off with my personal favourite of entire LP, an absolute highlight - "Years Gone By". It is sort of a rewind of the artists life, a look into past that also seems to be a prevailing theme in the album. Tom mentions pleasant things that belong to being a child like playing video games - Mario or Ocarina of Time, but over time a lot of troubling events happen. He notices his father being abusive towards family members and eventually ending up in jail and…

Welcome to my blog!

This is going to be a blog mostly revolving around music and news related ot it. What I really want to focus on is a weekly review of an album I have heard recently and want to share my thoughts and opinions on with you guys. What I hope to achieve is showing people some artists that are worth listening to while not being the most well-known, top of the charts musicians, or express my feelings on some LPs that I don't think are worth anyone's time.

A little bit of introduction about me: I am from Poland, born in 1997, currently studying at University in ToruĊ„. I have been listening to music since I was little but for past few years it has become a really important part of my life, every day involves listening to some tunes. I am not going to list my favourite artists or genres, I enjoy a wide variety of music spectrums and there are very few genres I generally dislike but feel free to message me about music recommendations or general questions about music I like. I will answer …